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Competence Assessment

Our competence assessment tools allow organisations and individuals to benchmark themselves against world-class standards to understand process and system, as well as individual technical and soft skill, gaps.

Competence Assessment for Organisations
Competence Assessment for Individuals

Competence Development

Our competence development offerings for organisations focus on the delivery of real business value. These utlise a unique methodology, which is based on the use of the QV® Sourcing Strategy Improvement Methodology. Our competence development offerings for individuals are based on a unique approach for the development and implementation of real-life category sourcing strategies

Competence Development for Organisations
Competence Development for Individuals

Competence Improvement

The Newpoint approach to competence improvement and value delivery for organisations and individuals is based on PSCM transformation based on the principles of robust knowledge transfer and rigorous people and process integration.

Competence Improvement for Organisations
Competence Improvement for Individuals