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Newpoint staff have written extensively about best practice in procurement and supply chain management, category management and strategic sourcing with over 100 articles in leading academic and practitioner journals.

The list below provides a very small selection of key publications:

Power and Value for Money Positioning in Public Procurement, In-Procurement, January 2016, p. 31–34.

The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Purchasing & Supply Management, DILF Forientering, November 2015, pp. 36–42.

Sourcing Portfolio Analysis & Power Positioning: Towards a 'Paradigm Shift' in Category Management & Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 20 (6), 2015, pp. 717–736.

Kraljic, Supply and the Procurement Body of Knowledge, Spend Matters UK/Europe, February 2015.

Win-Win? The Problem of Analytic Subjectivity & Straw Men, Spend Matters UK/Europe, May 2014.

Are Aggressive Buyers Stupid or Guilty of Segmentation Errors?, Spend Matters UK/Europe, January 2015.

Beyond Kraljic: Understanding and Benchmarking World-Class and Best-in-Class Practice, DILForientering, Vol.45, No.5, August (2008).

World-class or Best-in-class?, CPO Agenda, Summer (2008).

Transactions, Power and Contested Exchange: Towards a Theory of Exchange in Business Relationships, International Journal of Procurement, Vol. 1, Nos.1/2 (2007).

Relationship Management in the Project Environment: Theories and Tools, in Pryke, S. & Smith, H. (eds), The Management of Complex Projects: A Relationship Approach, Blackwell, Oxford (2006).

The Problem with Win-Win, Logistikk & Innkjop, No.3 (2006).

Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management in the Project Environment: Theory and Practice, in Lowe, D & Leiringer, R (eds), Commercial Management of Projects: Defining the Discipline, Blackwell, Oxford (2006).

Overcoming Demand Management Problems: The Scope for Improving Reactive and Proactive Supply Management in the UK Health Service, Journal of Public Procurement, Vol.5, No.1 (2005).

Sourcing Indirect Spend: A Survey of Current Internal and External Strategies for Non-Revenue Generating Goods and Services, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Vol.41, No.2, Spring (2005).

Why Outsourcing Doesn’t Fly, CPO Agenda, Vol.1, No.1, Spring (2005).

Business Relationship Alignment: The Commensurability of Value Capture and Mutuality in Buyer and Supplier Exchange, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol.9, No.5 (2004).

Strategic Outsourcing: Avoiding the Loss of Critical Assets and the Problems of Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard, Business Briefing: Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Strategies (2004).

Managing Construction Supply Chains: The Common Sense Approach, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, Vol.9, No.5/6, October/December (2002).
Supply Chains and Power Regimes, The Journal of Supply Chain Management, Vol.37, No.2, Spring (2001).

Understanding Buyer and Supplier Power, The Journal of Supply Chain Management, Vol.37, No.2, Spring (2001).

Power, Value and Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol.4, No.4 (1999).

On Power, Appropriateness and Procurement Competence, Supply Management, 2nd October (1997).

For further information on these articles and how Newpoint can assist clients with competence assessment, development and improvement in procurement and supply chain management please contact us.
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