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Competence Improvement

Value Delivery for Individuals

By focusing all training and competence development on 'real-life' sourcing strategies at the category level, Newpoint provides a unique approach for the delivery of bespoke (client-focused) technically and behaviourally competent Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) staff.

This way provides individuals with the opportunity, not only to demonstrate their competencies against world-class advanced standards, but also the real business value of these skills and capabilities to their organisation. By developing these competencies this also makes it easier to create fully aligned cross-functional teams internally, and with suppliers and supply chains in 'real-time'.

The services for transforming individual competence help organisations to identify the key skill and capability gaps in their staff individually and collectively. Once this has been achieved we work closely with clients to close these gaps through 'real-life' and 'real-time' on-the-job training, so that real business value is delivered to the organisation at all times.