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Supplier Relationship & Performance Management

Newpoint has a core methodology that allows us to assist clients in the rapid specification of the types of supplier performance and relationship management approaches that are the most appropriate for specific categories of spend.

Newpoint has a unique methodology that allows clients to understand when reactive sourcing (short-term arm's-length) and proactive sourcing (long-term collaborative) are the most appropriate performance management strategies to adopt for particular categories of spend, and with specific suppliers.

Newpoint also has a methodology that allows the client to understand which types of supplier relationship management strategies are the most appropriate to use given the relative importance of a specific supplier to the organisation.

This methodology allows clients to understand which relationship and performance management approaches are most appropriate, and how they should be implemented.

Newpoint can train client personnel in these methodologies or implement them independently with suppliers in the pursuit of improved value for money.

To learn more about how Newpoint can assist your organisation please contact us.