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Competence Development

Newpoint offers an innovative and unique methodology for redesigning, aligning and optimising organisational processes and systems internally and within supply chains, which is based on the use of the QV® Sourcing Strategy Improvement Methodology.

The QV® Methodology assists the identification of key areas for Sourcing Process Redesign and Optimisation, and our Category Management & Strategic Sourcing Implementation work. The aim of this is to identify immediate areas for improvements in value for money (VFM) so that industry-leading quality, cost and delivery (QCD) outcomes can be achieved.

For Organisations

QV® Strategic Sourcing Challenge
Process Redesign & Optimisation
Category Management & Strategic Sourcing Implementation
Spend Analysis & Cost Reduction
Consulting & Mentoring Support
Supplier Relationship & Performance Management
Interim Management
For Individuals

Advanced Learning
Training Workshops
To learn more you can download articles that explain in more detail our unique approach to competence development.