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Soft Skills Assessment

'Soft' or Behavioural skills are an important part of an individual's capability as they determine how well change is managed and value delivered. They are important in all sectors, particularly in service industries and for indirect expenditure where strong influencing and business skills are required to effect change.

Newpoint offers a Soft Skills Assessment Process that is completely aligned to the ICA Index® so that there is a single complete solution for both the technical and behavioural aspects of PSCM. The approach can be used to assess the capability at all levels of leadership, from CPO to the most junior staff, as well as internal clients.

The soft skills are assessed through Competency-Based Interviewing using two expert assessors – one a senior purchasing and supply chain management practitioner, the other an expert HR professional. Target profiles and competences are agreed upfront based upon roles and seniority.

Assessment outcomes are provided at both an individual and team level, using established evidence indicators for each soft skills competency that is being evaluated.

While the assessment outcome is itself informative and beneficial, developing soft skills requires both acceptance by the individual of their feedback and the right environment and support in which to make the changes. Face-to-face feedback of the assessment result is therefore a critical element of the process, when individuals are also advised of their specific development needs so that action plans can be developed.

To request more information on how to access the Soft Skills Assessment process please contact us.
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