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Competence Assessment

For Organisations

Newpoint offers a unique on-line benchmarking methodology, The PSCM Index ® that allows organisations to understand how their current organisational processes and systems for PSCM compare against world-class standards, other leading organisations globally and competitors within their own industry/sector.

The PSCM Index® - an on-line competence assessment and benchmarking tool read moreto understand competence gaps in organisational processes and systems

The comparison against world-class and best-in-class standards will provide organisations with a clear insight into those processes and systems that require immediate attention and improvement.

Having identified these competence gaps, Newpoint offers a range of competence development services for purchasing and supply improvement and transformation to deliver real business value.

The Newpoint assessment provides a Detailed Report for the organisation on the appropriate options for future process and system alignment, optimisation and improvement so that significant improvements can be made in the delivery of business value internally and within supply chains.