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The ICA Index®

Organisations can create advanced category management and strategic sourcing processes and systems, but they have to be managed by individuals with the technical and behavioural skills to undertake the required activities and tasks professionally.

To support this, the ICA Index® is an on-line tool that provides clients with comparative assessments and benchmarks of the competence of individuals in the procurement and supply chain management function.

This on-line individual competence assessment tool provides clients with comparative benchmark scores for staff against 108 world-class procurement and supply chain management skill and capability attributes.

The on-line tool can be used to assess the procurement and supply chain mangement skills and capabiltities of all levels of staff and internal clients, from the CPO to the most junior members in the team.

The ICA Index® is based on a gap analysis methodology that benchmarks the current competence of individual staff against world-class competence levels for advanced (strategic) and basic (tactical) procurement and supply chain management skills and capabilities. The tool provides for on-line self-assessment followed by a Newpoint audit in three main areas:

  • Experience Assessment
  • Individual Competence Assessment
  • Personality Profile Assessment

The on-line tool assesses individual competencies in 9 areas of pre- and post-contractual procurement and supply chain management:

  • Strategic Understanding & Segmentation
  • Defining Business Needs & Demand Options
  • Supply Market Analysis & Assessment
  • Sourcing Options Development & Selection
  • Sourcing Option Implementation
  • Negotiation & Contract Award
  • Performance Management
  • Relationship Transition & Exit
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The tool automatically benchmarks all staff against one another, and against world-class competence standards.

The tool also provides guidance for individuals on their current strengths and weaknesses, and provides clients with an immediate analysis of future training and competence development needs for all of the staff assessed.

Click here to download a summary of the types of reports generated using this assessment and benchmarking tool.

To request more information on how to access the The ICA Index® please contact us.
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