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Competence Assessment

Newpoint offers a unique approach to the assessement and benchmarking of organisational and individual competencies in procurement and supply chain management to identify opportunities for development and improvement.

The Newpoint approach to competence assessment and benchmarking has been developed from over 25 years of research undertaken by Professor Andrew Cox and his colleagues into world-class practices in category management, strategic sourcing and procurement and supply chain management.

We believe that competence assessment requires the benchmarking of current organisational and individual performance, both against an ideal (or world-class) standard, as well as against best-in-class standards within the industry or sector in which the client operates.

We have developed a number of competence assessment and benchmarking solutions to allow clients to understand the "comparative effectiveness" of their current organisational processes and of their staff. This enables the objective design of competence development and improvement programmes to deliver real business value and significant performance improvement.
For Organisations

PSCM Index®
For Individuals

ICA Index®
Soft Skills Assessment
To learn more you can download articles that explain in more detail our unique approach to competence assessment and benchmarking.